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Oct 10, - Dealing with a boss who seems to get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of making you miserable is basically a rite of passage. Or maybe it's.

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Depending on the type of worker you are, a micro-manager can be a benefit or a nightmare. .. But some ppls asshole comments are ridiculous. He did come up. May 3, - But before you throw your hands up just because your boss is degrading, condescending, a micro-manager, a yeller, a passive aggressive.

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Sep 12, - When I wrote my book, The No Asshole Rule, I received more than 8, emails from people worldwide – ranging from Jewish cantors to. Nov 21, - “He is such an asshole.” “She's such a bitch.” Just walk down a busy street during lunch time and you'll hear these words just about every day.

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Jun 5, - Once you accept that your boss is going to behave like an asshole every day, you can begin working towards a practical relationship between. Aug 25, - At some point during your rise to the top of the rat race, you'll encounter a dickhead boss who believes they are God's gift to spreadsheets and.

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This is going to be long. Boy where do I start? I was recently ~~fired~~ let go at the end of my seasonal employment and there is a lot of. Jan 18, - You can't control who is in charge. You can control your own attitude.

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Feb 13, - I picked up the best piece of advise from a close friend of mine. Here is how it goes Me: My thesis advisor is an asshole man! He didn't allow. Jan 20, - Managing a team is delicate activity. But if you think about it, we all are managing one thing or the other almost everyday — be it managing the.